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Benefits You Are Entitled To After A Motor Accident

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Accidents never come with a reminder or invitation card. They often occur at a moment when you least expect it. Often you will be so traumatized by the physical and mental agonies. You might sometimes face serious injuries and will also have to pay exorbitant hospital bills. But an important fact which many of us won’t realize is that you are entitled to receive certain benefits if you had a motor accident. This benefit will be received irrespective of whose side the fault of the accident was. Check out the web page for injury law specialists. You could find other legal stuff like forms, papers, related information, etc. on The benefits are received by the laws laid down by the provincial Statutory Benefits scheme, which works as a part of the Ontario Insurance Act.

Here are some of the benefits you are entitled to receive if you had an automobile accident:

Rehabilitation And Medical Benefits In case you qualify for this, you will receive the benefit of payment of your entire medical and rehabilitation expenses which will not be covered under government’s health plans or other health plans you might have at work or your partner’s work. This will take off a huge load of medical expenses off your shoulders, and you could relax and concentrate more on healing your physical and mental wounds.

Income Replacement Benefits You will qualify for this benefit if you have become bed ridden due to the accident and cannot join back to work till you get cured. This benefit will help you to compensate for your loss of income partially. It will obviously depend upon your current income amount. You will be paid a partial amount of it till you recover.

Caretaker/Attendant Care Benefits In situations where you are severely injured due to a motor accident and need to rely on a caretaker or attendant to even do daily activities like dressing, toileting, bathing, or feeding, you would qualify to receive this benefit. It will compensate for the expenses incurred for employing the attendee

Caregiver Benefits. In case you are the primary caregiver of anyone in the family, and they solely depend on you for their living, you are entitled to this benefit. After the accident, if you are bedridden and not able to take care of them, you will be paid an amount to compensate for that loss and continue being the caregiver.

Non-Earner Benefits If, at the time of the accident you were jobless and not earning, and suffered severe injuries that make it impossible for you to do even daily normal activities; you are entitled to this benefit. But, you will have to submit proofs to support the fact that you are unable to do daily activities as a result of the accident. Since you don’t earn an income, your medical expenses will be taken care by the compensation amount.

Funeral And Death Payments In case the accident proves to be fatal, and you die in the motor accident, the insurer will pay for all the funeral expenses and provide a lump-sum of money as compensation amount to your survivors/ dependents.