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Why Do Car Accidents Happen

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There are numerous reasons for a car accident to happen. Most of them are caused due to human errors while a few occur due to technical snags in your car. While some are fortunate enough to escape with minor injuries, there are many crashes which turn fatal or can cause severe injuries to people in the car. So, it is essential for you and everybody else to drive safely as well as follow the traffic laws of the land. Accidents can happen due to others negligence too. Then, you will have to file a claim with an attorney like so that the person responsible for the damage pays for the neglect. Experts at find that many people who are not at fault fail to make an accident claim due to fear of legal hassles. But you should consider filing a petition to cover not only the financial losses you incurred but also the mental and physical agony caused due to the accident.

Car accidents can be categorized into three types Human error Mechanical failure Weather-related

Human error accidents

Inattentive driving: Using cell phones or other gadgets while driving along with devices built-in the car can cause a lot of distractions to the driver and hence cause accidents. Do not multitask while driving. Drunk driving: When you are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs you will not have a clear judgment leading to accidents. Unclear of the laws: You should always be clear about the traffic laws before starting to drive. Also, familiarize with the area and its speed limits to reduce the risk of accidents

Mechanical failures

Car malfunction: Though very rare, accidents do happen due to car malfunction, the manufacturer of the car has to take responsibility in such cases. There have been instances of makers recalling such faulty vehicles.

Car maintenance issues: Some car owners do not regularly service their cars which can result in tires going bald, brakes not working as desired, etc. which can lead to accidents. A well-maintained car is less likely to break down too.

Faulty traffic signals: Sometimes traffic signals go out which can result in accidents. It is dangerous for people new to the area when such outages happen.

Weather-related: Though the bad weather may cause accidents, a driver is still held responsible for such cases as per car insurance claims. Heavy rain, thick fog, winds at high speed, snow, etc. can all cause major accidents. In some places with potholed roads accidents happen when the driver tries to maneuver around the pothole.

Be extra cautious when you are driving around neighborhoods where there are chances of animals crossing the road. They might come and hit your car. Animals are unpredictable partly because they do not know the risks involved in crossing the road but can turn dangerous to the people in the car.

Though driving a car is fun for some and a necessity for others it has its dangers. As a driver always be aware of the things happening around you to take preventive measures so that you not only avoid banging into others but also protect yourself from accidents.